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Restraining Order Denied After Council Requests Protection From Staffer

The Sacramento City Council's request for a temporary restraining order against a Sacramento City Councilwoman's staffer has been denied. The court saying the council's request to keep Councilwoman Katie Valenzuela's newest staff member, Skyler Henry, does not meet the applicable legal standard and raises First Amendment concerns. It goes on to say some of the evidence provided by the city actually undercuts its own position that a temporary restraining order is warranted.

Henry is the subject of the controversy after comments surfaced from his podcast "Voices: River City" saying Arizona Senator Kristyn Sinema "should be terrified for the rest of her life" for voting against the $15 minimum wage provision in the coronavirus relief package. Henry went on to say “you should never be able to leave your house, if that is how you are going to use your position to govern. The same thing sort of applies with the mayor and city manager of this city" - referring to Darrell Steinberg and Howard Chan. While the request for a temporary restraining order has been denied, the court has scheduled a court hearing on the council's request for a permanent restraining order for July 7th.

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